Taryn Pirelli is a Seattle-based, traveling anesthesiologist on assignment in Bend, Oregon. When patients under her care inexplicably end up dead, her justified questions are brushed under the rug by the hospital administration. Told to focus on her job, uneasiness, and tension plague Taryn.

Blake Myers has come to Bend with his trusty 9 mm by his side and a mind to find a missing friend, an anesthesiologist who hasn’t been heard from since he accepted his latest assignment. 

Blake and Taryn’s paths cross and sparks fly as they begin to investigate their mutual interests. Endless administrative red tape, an environment akin to “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and the reality that no one is exactly as they appear force Blake and Taryn to assemble a vigilant team of allies to uncover secretive players in a deadly game of deceit.

Together they stumble upon a growing flood of counterfeit drugs flowing out of Bend and a scheme that involves big money and bigger risk for anyone who threatens the operation. Working under cover, they learn that Blake’s friend had fallen prey to a horrible truth and Taryn’s life is also at risk. 

Romance and suspense collide in the first book of the Taryn Pirelli, MD medical thriller series.